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Rigging & Tools reel 2023
CFX & Tech Anim reel 2023


1. Aldi : Feast of Football

I was lucky enough to do an internship in Psyop Productions and work on the Aldi commercial. I'm responsible for Messy (blueberry) character rig. Built with Psyop's internal rigging tools. Took 2 days.

2. DotGabi - Fire

DotGabi - Fire is a film I directed for SVA senior thesis. It's an animated K-Pop music video! Created by Kaia Kim, Jenna Vopat.

3. Urban Warrior

Free game ready rig! Collaboration with Mark Otyakovskiy(Modeler) and Hichan Havchi(Concept Artist). I used advanced skeleton for body rig, my custom rigging tool for facial rig. Took 1 week.

Review by Harvey Newman

Download from Gumroad

4. Vixen Dance

Responsible for Yeti groom and nCloth simulation. Collaboration with Hamed Behrouzi(Animator), Rachel Lee(Unreal artist).

View full video

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5. Cookie Momo

Personal CFX project. Responsible for all aspects. Character model is created with Blender and Marvelous Desigher. With Mixamo animation attached, I brought everything into Maya for nCloth simulation. I wrapped low poly sim meshes on high poly beauty meshes. Little decorations are constrained with UV pin. Cloth simulation took 2.5 days.

Original character design by DOTORI

6. Carp Streamer Koinobori & Wind Chime Furin

Personal nCloth study. Took 1 day each.

7. Box prop rig

Modeled and rigged in Maya.

8. Mocap Matcher

Maya python tool for transferring motion capture data to animation rigs.

Demo video

Download from Github

8. Facial auto rigger (beta)

Maya python tool for building facial rigs. Can export out the data into JSON file and import it to inherit the build. Compatible in Maya 2022+.

Download from Github

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