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1. Squad Busters Launch Trailer: Time to SQUAD UP!

Responsible for Humanoid character rigs. Built with Contour Rig plugin and Psyop's internal rigging tools. It was a great experience to help integrating Contour Rig into Psyop's rigging pipeline. To achieve the 2D face look, flat geo planes baked onto the face texture in sequence.

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2. Aldi 2022: Feast of Football

Responsible for Messy (blueberry) character rig. Built with Psyop's internal rigging tools.

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3. Aldi 2023: Kevin and the Christmas Factory 

Responsible for all factory machine rigs (pie cart, drone, snowman lift, pie smasher, and pudding machine)

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4. Apex Legends: Breakout Launch Trailer 

Responsible for updating & maintaining 4 character rigs. The film has a lot of 1st person camera angle, so the hand animation was important. I replaced the hand model with new proportion & default pose.

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5. Urban Warrior

Free game ready rig! Collaboration with Mark Otyakovskiy(Modeler) and Hichan Havchi(Concept Artist). I used advanced skeleton for body rig, my custom rigging tool for facial rig.

Review by Harvey Newman

Download from Gumroad

6. Budweiser - Las Vegas Sphere

Responsible for rig and tech animation. Horse model & rig was purchased from Turbosquid. I created a full IK & space switch system so the animator could animate on the ctrls, not directly on joints.

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